To cook with the respect of the criteria of territoriality, seasonality and quality, keeping in mind the traditions but also in the research of colors, flavors and consequently new emotions.

What characterizes me is the fact of bringing on the table a kitchen that does not come from an academic school, but a school of life and from having inherited a set of traditions and experience of my grandmother. So I can call myself  “chef of experience and passion.”

The rules in my kitchen are: TERRITORIALITY – SEASONALITY – QUALITY

Cooking is what brings together all my passions: art, painting, music, craftsmanship and creativity in general. Last but not least, it is to try to answer not only to human physical needs, but also to the emotional needs.


Via Arrighetto da Settimello, 142, 50041 Calenzano FI

tel +39 339 889 2644