The Mini-Catering service offers the chance to have right in your kitchen a high level and experienced Personal Chef, who will bring the quality of a restaurant, in the intimacy of your private home.

Occasions can be many : ceremonies, corporate events, graduation parties or simply the desire to spend relaxing moments with your guests in the conviviality of your home –

MC MiniCatering offers a completely personalized service, thanks to flexible solutions: from cleaning, to set up for the event, audio and video set-up.

The customer agrees with the Chef  the menu, the  budget, the cleaning and the preparation of spaces and plates and any other specific needs (eg. Food intolerance of some guests) and that’s it! A perfect cooking event in your home .

My idea of Personal Chef is to work directly in to the customer’s home or in another place chosen by them, transforming “the location” in a small restaurant, but with the comfort anti intimacy of  the home.

I am very organized and I can work with my tools inside any kitchen, leaving everything neat and clean. It ‘s a job which requires great qualities of adaptation and a strong ability to improvise, a practical experience which I gained over time.

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